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DM are the UK’s leaders in commercial calibration, defence communications and telecoms safety equipment.

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Fully-managed calibration services, delivered on-site and at our UKAS laboratories, to build confidence in your test results.

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The leading critical-communications systems design authority for the defence industry.

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DM partners with organisations to provide the best telecommunication products and support to help our customers’ designs thrive.

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Industries we serve

DM is a Specialist Service Provider to the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and Defence Industry, Manufacturing and Specialist Commercial Industries.


The trusted design authority on critical communications systems for the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD)–working closely with global industry and strategic allies.


Expert knowledge and capabilities, spanning calibration, EMC, very-low frequency communication system design and much more.


DM supports many of the United Kingdom’s most productive and highest quality manufacturers as they strive for excellence. Our calibration services are used across all sectors, from automotive, life sciences, industrial manufacturers, pharmaceuticals and many, many more.


DM provides telecommunications professionals with the products and services they need to do their job safely, effectively and efficiently. We’re the leading supplier of the Arqiva-approved series of fieldSENSE personal RF monitors.

Technical resources

A guide to force gauge calibration

Force gauge devices are used to take accurate measurements in different scenarios, such as a crane scale being used for high amounts of force.

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Torque wrench calibration: processes and services

Torque wrenches are vital in ensuring the safety, quality and longevity of components in aerospace, automotive and precision engineering applications.

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UKAS guidelines for metrological and dimensional calibration

Metrology, calibration and the international standardisation of measurements play vital roles in optimising the modern engineering and industrial process.

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Our services

Products and services: Elevate performance and connectivity with our calibration, system design, and telecommunication solutions.

Calibration Services

Mechanical Calibration
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Electrical Calibration
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On-site and Mobile Calibration
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UKAS Lab Calibration
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Managed Calibration Services
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System and Post-design Services

Very-Low Frequency System Design
Communications Post-Design Services
EMC products and equipment

Telecommunication Equipment

Personal RF Monitors
RF and Gauge Calibration

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