Accelerometer calibration

Enjoy fully accurate and traceable calibration of accelerometers, velocimeters and geophones by choosing DM Calibration.


ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Lab

DM offers unrivalled turnaround times for accelerometer calibration

We calibrate accelerometers from all the major manufacturers including PCB Piezotronics, Endevco, Dytran and more.

Accelerometer calibration to UKAS and traceable standards

DM provides traceable accelerometer calibration to BS EN:17025:2017 standard – from 1Hz to 10kHz and from 0.1Hz to 20kHz. Meanwhile, we can offer UKAS calibration for temperature (-60°C – +170°C) and shock (20g – 10,000g).


Voltage (ICP®)





Which Standards Apply To Your Electrical And Mechanical Equipment?

For some industries, trade bodies set the standards for calibration. For others, the regulation is less stringent. To learn more about which standards apply to your electrical and mechanical test equipment, download our guide.

Accelerometer calibration FAQs

Accelerometer calibration involves adjusting and verifying the accuracy of accelerometers to ensure they provide precise measurements of acceleration. This process is essential for maintaining the reliability and performance of accelerometers used in various applications, such as industrial monitoring, automotive testing and geophysical studies.

UKAS calibration

DM Calibration operates two UKAS-accredited laboratories that cover all major electrical and mechanical parameters.

Fully traceable

Our traceable calibration services are delivered at your premises, or at our labs with a guaranteed fast turnaround.


We can expedite your equipment to keep your operations in full swing.

Full audit trail

Demonstrate compliance quickly and easily with our cloud-based certificate platform.

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