Calibration services designed for you

Mechanical, electrical and dimensional calibration delivered at your site or at our approved laboratories.


Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017

Extensive calibration capabilities, for all your test equipment

DM Calibration can cater to all of your calibration needs.

From mobile on-site calibration vans, to fully UKAS accredited laboratories, we have the equipment, expertise and facilities to calibrate all of your equipment.

Mechanical & dimensional calibration

Dimensional, pressure and torque calibration at the UK’s leading calibration lab.

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Electrical calibration

Full-spectrum AC and DC voltage, resistance, currents and power at the UK’s first dedicated electrical lab.

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Audit traceable and fully managed.

A fully-managed, end-to-end calibration service.

Our experts keep audit-ready records through our cloud-based online calibration management systems, ready for you to access and demonstrate compliance to auditors, customers and beyond.

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Calibration, turned around quickly.

Choose between our same-day, on-site and fast-track lab service options.

Disruption-free calibration. Through our nationwide on-site calibration network, we can calibrate your test equipment in a single day, ensuring you stay productive and minimise downtime. For our UKAS calibration service, we aim to provide a fast, 5-day turnaround on all equipment, satisfying your compliance needs without compromising your commercial ones.

On-Site calibration

Our network of DM mobile units can get to your facilities quickly, keeping you operating with minimal disruption.

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UKAS laboratory calibration

Our leading calibration labs offer the fastest calibration turnaround available – without compromising on accuracy or verification.

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Calibration services FAQs

Calibration is a precise and systematic process essential for maintaining the accuracy of measurement instruments. Calibration involves not only checking but also adjusting instruments to ensure they consistently deliver reliable and precise results. By comparing the measurements of the instrument under scrutiny with those of a known standard, calibration aims to identify any deviations and make necessary adjustments.