Vibration calibration

DM offers a full calibration service for all types of vibration monitoring equipment, calibrating to UKAS and traceable standards.


ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Lab

DM Calibration is the UK’s leading choice for vibration calibration

Monitoring levels of vibration is crucial across a wide range of machinery, meaning the equipment monitoring this vibration must be calibrated to the highest standards. DM Calibration calibrates equipment from all major manufacturers including Bruel & Kjaer, Crystal Instruments, Endevco and many more.

UKAS-accredited calibration for all vibration monitoring equipment

DM Calibration ensures the accuracy of your vibration monitoring equipment and reduces downtime of equipment and machinery as a result. Whatever the equipment, we guarantee a fully managed and traceable calibration process.

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Multi-channel vibration controllers

Charge amplifiers

Signal conditioners

Vibration meters & analysers

Bearing monitors

Blast monitors

Structural vibration monitors

HARM and Whole Body meters

Blade balancers & analysers

Accelerometer calibrators

Which Standards Apply To Your Electrical And Mechanical Equipment?

Discover DM’s full range of UKAS-approved calibration with our comprehensive service guide.

The best in the business

DM’s calibration team is full of experienced industry leaders

DM has developed a reputation as one of the UK’s most trusted calibration houses for a reason: our in-house experts are the best and most experienced in the business. From aerospace and defence to medical and high-volume manufacturing, DM is renowned for unrivalled calibration expertise and service across a range of industries.

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Vibration calibration FAQs

Vibration calibration involves adjusting and verifying the accuracy of vibration monitoring equipment to ensure it measures vibration levels correctly. This process is essential for maintaining the reliability and performance of machinery across various industries.

UKAS calibration

DM Calibration operates two UKAS-accredited laboratories that cover all major electrical and mechanical parameters.

Fully traceable

Our traceable calibration services are delivered at your premises, or at our labs with a guaranteed fast turnaround.


We can expedite your equipment to keep your operations in full swing.

Full audit trail

Demonstrate compliance quickly and easily with our cloud-based certificate platform.

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Our experts are on-hand to handle all of your calibration needs.