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We provide our customers with a wide range of equipment to enhance the performance of their RF, EMC, antennas and critical communications systems.

We provide:


Slotted arrays
Monitoring antennas
Flared arrays
Jamming antennas
Horn arrays
Counter RCIED
Phased arrays
Direction-finding antennas
Patch arrays
Log periodic dipole arrays
HF, VHF, UHF and SHF (L-, S-, C- band) omni-directional and directional communication antennas


RF and microwave solid state power amplifiers
Millimetre and CW RF power amplifiers
Tetrode tube amplifiers
Solid state jamming amplifiers
Travelling wave tube amplifiers (TWTA)

Fibre optics

Fibre networking products
Fibre media converters and switches
Fibre optic LAN products
Point-to-point fibre optic links
Fibre data and voice links
Multiplexed fibre optic links

EMC products

FOVC instruments
EMC coupling networks
EMC capacitors
EMC antennas
EMC wave filters
EMC resistive devices
EMC transformers
EMC pulse transformers
EMC probes
EMC line impedance networks

FieldSENSE personal RF monitor. The only RF monitor you’ll ever need.

  • Rugged IP64 enclosure – Designed with tough, rugged materials, the device comes with a heavy-duty case and custom moulded insert.
  • Harness fastening – A strap and buckle system fastens to the climber’s harness. It’s specifically designed to keep it away from areas which would get in the way while working or climbing.
  • Wrist strap – The device can alternatively be strapped to your wrist.
  • Fall detect & alarm – Fall detection system will sound an alarm in the event of a fall to attract attention.
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Our trusted partners

We’ve selected best-in-class equipment manufacturers to bolster our equipment offering to our customers.

Our partners include:

Alaris Antennas

Antenna and RF sub-system partner.

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Fibre network components, EMC and EMI equipment.

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Robust and easy-to-use Personal RF Monitors.

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Select Fabricators

The leading provider of EMI and RF shielded enclosures.

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Solar EMC

Design and implementation of solar energy solutions.

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