On-site and mobile calibration services

Minimise equipment downtime with DM’s on-site calibration service. Our same-day mobile calibration ensures quick and efficient calibration at your location.


ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Lab

DM offers a full on-site calibration service.

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On-site calibration from DM meets the same high standards for quality as you would expect from off-site calibration.

Keep equipment downtime to an absolute minimum.

We know the quicker your test equipment is calibrated, the more business you are able to complete; there is no quicker solution than same-day mobile calibration at your location.

On-site mechanical calibration

Regular calibration of mechanical test equipment is crucial for keeping up the highest standards of quality and reducing the chances of long periods of downtime in future. Our mechanical calibration capabilities include all major parameters such as force, torque, pressure and dimensional.

DM’s on-site mechanical calibration service caters for all major measurement tooling gauges and a wide range of equipment including micrometres, torque devices and weighing scales.

Rapid turnaround with on-site calibration

Our mobile calibration service takes care of every aspect of calibration you’d expect from lab calibration including management of audit-ready records through our cloud system.

Three Benefits Of Mobile Calibration Services

Mobile calibration services provide the convenience of precise equipment testing at the doorstep of your operations. Discover how mobile calibration can work for your business.

On-site calibration FAQs

On-site calibration is the process of conducting precision calibration and adjustments directly at the location where the equipment is installed and utilised. Unlike off-site calibration, which involves sending equipment to a calibration facility, on-site calibration minimises downtime by providing a convenient and efficient solution.

Highly trained technicians bring calibrated standards and equipment to the client’s premises, ensuring that the testing instruments are fine-tuned and meet specified accuracy standards within the actual working environment. This approach is particularly advantageous for industries where continuous operation is critical, offering a practical and time-saving alternative to off-site calibration services. On-site calibration can cut turnaround time from several days to several hours.

An on-site calibration service that works for you

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