Sound calibration

DM offers fully traceable calibration for microphones and sound level meters, covering up to 10 frequency levels.

DM provides a full calibration service across a wide range of sound equipment

Sound and noise equipment must be calibrated frequently to guarantee accuracy and adherence to all relevant industry standards. DM offers different sound calibration services for whatever your needs. From Standard calibration (one frequency, 3 sound levels) to our Premier service (10 frequencies, 3 sound levels and A&C weighting), we’ll tailor the calibration regime to your organisation. Whatever service you choose, you can be guaranteed fast, accurate and fully traceable calibration for your sound and noise equipment at the UK’s best-equipped laboratory.

All your sound calibration needs in one place

Sound calibration from DM is available at sound levels 94dB, 104dB and 114dB. We can calibrate 1/4, 1/2 and 1 inch microphones and preamps over a 250Hz to 100kHz frequency range, with diaphragm inspection also provided. Our sound calibration is based on electroacoustic standard BS EN 61672-3, ensuring adherence to the industry benchmark. The wide range of sound equipment DM calibrates includes:

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Filter sets

Sound meters & analysers

Dose badges


Piston phones

A Guide To Electrical Calibration

Discover DM’s full range of electrical calibration capabilities, calibration management services and advice for making calibration as seamless and straightforward as possible.

Sound calibration FAQs

Sound calibration involves adjusting and verifying the accuracy of sound measurement equipment, such as microphones and sound level meters, to ensure they provide precise readings. This process is crucial for maintaining the reliability of measurements used in various applications, including noise pollution monitoring and industrial noise control.

UKAS calibration

DM Calibration operates two UKAS-accredited laboratories that cover all major electrical and mechanical parameters.

Fully traceable

Our traceable calibration services are delivered at your premises, or at our labs with a guaranteed fast turnaround.


We can expedite your equipment to keep your operations in full swing.

Full audit trail

Demonstrate compliance quickly and easily with our cloud-based certificate platform.

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