Sustainability at DM

Defence and calibration for a better tomorrow.

We’re embedding these core principles across every layer of our company.

At DM, we are a leading global design authority in the defence sector, specialising in very-low frequency communications, and a trusted calibration partner for mechanical and electrical test equipment. We’re dedicated to making the world a better place by striving for excellence in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices and sustainability, embedding these core principles across every layer of our company.

Our certifications and memberships

Our commitment to quality and sustainable operations is demonstrated through the following certifications and memberships:

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UKAS Calibration (ISO 17025:2017)
BSI ISO 9001
JOSCAR Registered
Cyber Essentials Plus
NQA Environmental Management
Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme

We can always do more

Aligned with the Ministry of Defence’s Climate Change and Sustainability Strategic Approach, we continually seek opportunities to improve our sustainability efforts. Our future initiatives include:

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption across our operations
Minimising waste generation and promoting recycling and responsible disposal
Ensuring the responsible sourcing of materials and promoting sustainable supply chain practices
Adapting to climate change impacts and enhancing the resilience of our facilities and operations
Engaging with stakeholders to share best practices and drive innovation in sustainable defence and calibration solutions

A better future for all

By actively addressing these areas, we aim to contribute to greener, more sustainable defence and calibration industries.


Responsible design, calibration, and sustainable operations

As a responsible manufacturer in defence system design and a calibration partner, we consider the entire product and service lifecycle – from end to end. Our focus on reducing and managing risk involves close collaboration across procurement, compliance, and risk teams, ensuring an efficient and effective approach to due diligence and third-party risk management.


Sustainability and ESG

Understanding the importance of ESG and sustainability to our stakeholders, employees, and the defence and calibration industries as a whole, we are dedicated to creating sustainable value and contributing to the future of both sectors. We recognise our responsibility to provide a best-in-class service and product quality, keeping equipment in service for longer and maintaining a cutting-edge workforce.


Retrofitting and maintenance

In our defence system design, we breathe new life into very-low frequency communications equipment through retrofitting and offer robust maintenance services, ensuring our customers receive the very best support to keep their operations running smoothly.

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